HMG Steel Targets: The Best You Will Find



We met up with Hill & Mac of Hill & Mac Gunworks at the SHOT Show this year, and had a chance to see the line of steel rifle and pistol targets they have introduced. There are a lot of big names in the steel target market these days, but HMG has really put in the thought and quality to make targets that are much better than the other options out there. What makes them so good?

Quick and easy setup Compact storage when folded (no extra parts to lose) Armored hinge mechanism - misses and near misses can't destroy the stands like on other targets Easy swapping of strike plates Excellent AR-500 strength and quality (a bright, "live" feel and sound when you hit) Easily configurable as falling plates or self-resetting spring loaded ones

If you are looking to outfit a range with truly excellent targets, whether for military and LE training, competitive shooting, or just to have great gear on your own personal range, you won't find better than HMG.

    • Uploaded: 03/24/2015