2-Gun Action Challenge: 1943 Walther Gewehr 41



This month, Karl and I both shot my new Walther G41 rifle for the 2-Gun Action Challenge Match. I picked up this rifle from the recent RIA regional auction, and it had been missing a magazine and had thoroughly worn out recoil springs. I replaced the springs and found a magazine on eBay for it. With those parts, the rifle ran very well. We did discover one additional issue, namely that someone for some reason widened the stripper clip guides to fit Swedish clips, leaving them too wide to function with German or Romanian clips.

This rifle will definitely feature in future videos, as I have a ZF-41 optic and a couple boxes of clips on order already. It has a very unusual gas-trap style operating system, but is an absolute delight to shoot!

    • Uploaded: 03/23/2015