Zastava M76 Sniper Rifle



M76 semi-automatic sniper rifle was made in Yugoslavia by former "Zavodi Crvena Zastava" (now known as Zastava Arms). The rifle is chambered for 7,92x57mm cartridge and made as a DMR (designated marksman rifle). M76 uses a long stroke gas piston, almost identical to the AK47's. The rifle is simple, reliable and can shoot groups of 1,5MOA (or even less with proper ammunition) at 100 meters. It's very effective on short and medium ranges.

The potential of 7,92x57mm round is limited by factory mounted optics ON-76 by Zrak Sarajevo with only 4x magnification. The maximum effective range of this weapon system is around 800 meters.

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Virtutes Instrumenti

    • Uploaded: 03/20/2015