M855: Does It Live Up To The Hype?



Don't get us wrong, we are absolutely opposed to the ATF's attempts to ban M855. But that doesn't mean that M855 is good ammo or that we have any interest in using it. Frankly, M855 is probably the worst military-issue 5.56mm ball ammo ever made.

The original 55 grain M193 ball had a tendency to tumble in the body and make effective wounds. The new Mk262 77 grain ball also destabilizes quickly, and has much better long-range energy retention than the M193. The M855 was designed to poke holes in Russian helmets in the Fulda Gap, and offers poor wounding ability and poor accuracy.

In our testing today we're using a KE Arms AR, which is a remarkably fine rifle. It has a fantastic trigger, excellent build quality, and top-tier components. You will absolutely not go wrong with KE Arms if you are in the market for an excellent AR. We are also using Eagle Eye Precision 69gr .223 ammo, which is the highest quality factory .223 ammo we have found. You can see these fine folks at:

http://www.kearms.com http://www.eagleeyeammo.com

    • Uploaded: 03/04/2015