BCM RECCE-16 KMR13 MK2 Carbine Review



Fun Gun Reviews Presents:BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) RECCE-16 KMR13 MK2 Carbine Review. This is the standard for the AR-15 that you depend your life on. Made to Mil-Spec criteria, BCM is one of the best AR-15 producers in the world. Plus they support the 2nd Amendment.

BCM Parts and Accessories http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/ BCM Rifles http://www.bravocompanymfg.com/ HPR Ammunition: http://hprammo.com/

BCM MOD 0 Stock Review: http://youtu.be/A-fsd8cWmM8 KMR Free Float Handguard Review: http://youtu.be/CHPjO2a0fKg BCM Gunfighter Chanrging Handle Review: http://youtu.be/9_EG9ZM2quk

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    • Uploaded: 02/27/2015