Liberty Gun Lube - AMAZING!



It's not often that I test something that performs BETTER than claimed and way above expectations. I mean my initial thought was "How do I get excited about a new gun lube"? There are a million, complete with die-hard fan bois, and they all, more or less, work OK. Then I found Liberty Gun Lube. This stuff doesn't freeze or gel until almost -80°F and resists friction and heat almost 10x better than most popular lubes. Their CLP is amazing too. I changed my whole attitude on lube after it PROVED to do things no other I have ever tried could do. I live in Maine where it is below Zero several days a year and after every other Lube turning to a sticky molasses in the extreme weather, I started going without. Now I use Liberty Gun Lube, exclusively, and they even gave me a discount code to share that is in the video. My excitement in something I had low expectations for, earned YOU a 20% discount. I'm sure you will be pleased as well. Www.Libertygunlube.com

    • Uploaded: 02/19/2015