Glock Underwater Gel Test! Ballistics Maritime Spring Cups Test



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Glock developed their maritime spring cups to give them an edge when bidding on their first large LEO contract in the United States. Originally designed to improve the reliability of a Glock after being recovered from the water, we now know the maritime spring cups because they allow the Glock to reliably fire and cycle while fully submerged.

In researching for this video, I interviewed three different people from Glock, the top aftermarket producer of maritime spring cups, and a well-known, highly regarded gunsmith who modifies standard spring cups for his custom competition triggers for Glocks. They had a surprisingly common message regarding the use, reliability, and necessity of maritime spring cups, and I share this message with you in this video.

I also tested 115gr FMJ and 147gr subsonic FMJ on Sim-Test ballistics media underwater to see just how effective a Glock can be as defense against underwater predators.

    • Uploaded: 01/30/2015