AK Tactical Shooting | shoulder Transition



When shooting around corners the idea is that you expose as little of your body as possible and you are still able to shoot and hit your target. So no matter if you are right or left handed, sooner or later you will have to make a transition from your primary shooting side to your secondary shooting side - as you can see we do not use the term "strong hand", "weak hand" because we believe that serious shooters must be proficient with both sides (and as was pointed out to us in one of our previous videos by one of our viewers).

In our video, we show two different transitioning techniques. For the first one, you transition the shoulders and then reverse your grip and for the second one you just transition the shoulders and still use the same grip as before. The techniques are on par regarding the speed and accuracy of shots with minor differences.

So which one to use? It depends on your gear loadout, situation of use and personal preference. We use both.

Stay safe and remember: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast! :)

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    • Uploaded: 01/27/2015