Rifle Review: Masterpiece Arms MPAR-556 Gen II



Masterpiece Arms first announced their MPAR-556 rifle at SHOT show in 2013, and they now have the Gen II rifle available for retail sale. We were excited to get one to look at, as it is basically a direct copy of the Leader T2 and we really liked that rifle.

Unfortunately, the MPAR-556 has a number of significant problems. The fire control group proved unreliable for us, the gas system was underpowered, and the handguard design has serious flaws. We hope that Masterpiece is willing to fix these issues, because the rifle has a lot of potential.

See the competition footage here: https://www.full30.com/video/505003e4fb34eb1f43d3976db9b05b16

http://masterpiecearms.com/shop/mpar556-rifle-gen-ii-black/ http://www.inrange.tv

    • Uploaded: 01/28/2015