Hiperfire EDT Enhanced Duty Trigger Review and Installation



In this epodes we review the new HIPERTOUCH Enhanced Duty Trigger (EDT) by HIPERFIRE! We cover an overview of the trigger, components, installation and most important, how it shoots. This trigger does not disappoint, grab a beverage and watch our thorough review of this trigger.

For more information about this trigger and the other products from Hiperfire please visit their webpage: http://www.hiperfire.com

Our video on how to remove the fire control group from your AR15 lower receiver is located here: https://www.full30.com/video/6c7f23dac5060e767fd9a17ef04b592c

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Intro Music: Let Me Go by STEEP Source: freemusicarchive.com Used under Creative Commons License

    • Uploaded: 01/10/2015