Modernized "Tactical" FG-42 Shooting



The FG-42 was a very forward-thinking rifle designed by brilliant engineer Louis Stange in response to a request from the WWII Luftwaffe for a multi-purpose paratrooper's rifle. Today SMG Guns out of Texas is making reproductions of these fantastic gun, and in our opinion, it is a rifle which can still be effective and highly competitive today with a few updates. To make the point, Karl is going to run a prototype semiauto FG from SMG Guns through a 2-gun match. This rifle has a shortened barrel, modern bipod, modern optic, and other let's see how Karl can do with it!

Want to hear more extended commentary on the history of the FG42, and this adaptation of it? Check out our other video:

    • Uploaded: 12/10/2014