Modernized "Tactical" FG-42 Commentary



The FG-42 was a very forward-thinking rifle designed by brilliant engineer Louis Stange in response to a request from the WWII Luftwaffe for a multi-purpose paratrooper's rifle. Today SMG Guns out of Texas is making reproductions of these fantastic gun, and in our opinion, it is a rifle which can still be effective and highly competitive today with a few updates. To make the point, Karl is going to run a prototype semiauto FG from SMG Guns through a 2-gun match. This rifle has a shortened barrel, modern bipod, modern optic, and other updates, and here we're discussing the reasons for the changes and their effects.

Want to see Karl shooting this cool rifle in a 2-Gun Action Challenge Match? Check out our other video:

    • Uploaded: 12/10/2014