2-Gun Action Match: Mosin & Nagant vs Trapdoor & SAA



Karl and Ian shoot a monthly 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, where they often put various unusual weapons through a physically intense run and gun course of fire. This month, by popular demand, we feature a Mosin Nagant rifle.

To make things interesting, we paired up the Mosin with an 1895 Nagant revolver, and then pitted them against a Trapdoor Springfield carbine and Colt Single Action Army (both using black powder loads). The Trapdoor and SAA were still in combat service with the US and the Mosin and Nagant were introduced into the Russian Army - so just how much of a technological disadvantage was that for the US? Can Karl's fast loading and superior shooting skills make up for Ian's repeating rifle?

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    • Uploaded: 11/19/2014