Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos Ammunition



Lehigh Defense brought some of their ammo down for us to test out, and this stuff is simply amazing. The projectile design is very unique as it is solid machined brass with a pocket milled down the center. This design give the best of both worlds: An "explosive" tip to cause immediate trauma much like a varmint bullet, as well as the remaining base that will penetrate deeply and cause more tissue damage on the way with minimal pass through energy. Although Lehigh Defense produces this line in many popular calibers, we are only testing .223 Remington, .308 Winchester and .300 Blackout. Stay tuned for a test of Lehigh's pistol specific offerings in the coming month. Controlled Chaos ammunition is 100% solid brass therefore it is legal for hunting in all 50 US states, with two exceptions that are explained in the video. Stay tuned for more!
    • Uploaded: 11/14/2014