US Palm AK 30 Advanced AK Mag



This test is for educational purposes and is specifically filmed and produced in accordance with YouTube's community guidelines.

US Palm went under some years ago and took with them, by many accounts (I wasn't there), the best ak mag (although we do have to factor in nostalgic value when talking about anything ak-type). Century Arms purchased the rights to the us palm magazine among other things and has sought to resurrect the reinforced magazine. Enter the AK 30. It a new kalash magazine constructed of reinforced polymer with some modern features like textured grip points, and new silicone spring, and a venting follower. The advanced ak magazine does look a lot like the xtech mag47 that was based off the original US Palm AK mag, so I am sure there will be some internet drama. Because we don't have our full compliment of magazines required for testing in place of our full ak mag review format we will do an absurd magazine torture test. To do that we will be using the WASR-10, VSKA, and ODS-1775 space AK.

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Suggested: WASR 10

VSKA 5000


    • Uploaded: 12/10/2019