This video is a compilation of my time at the second annual Epic Shoot put on by Bigdaddy Unlimited. (Before questions get asked about how to get in- This was an exclusive private show and I was invited to go to the range event by the curator). They really hit it out of the part this year and this should be a case study on how to make an epic shoot. There were many "Celebrities there showcasing their amazing shooting skills and I even picked up a few pointers on how to shoot better. I had some help with some of the cinematic shooting in the video by Lobster media and Leviathan Group, be sure to check them out. BDU really put on an epic shooting event by bringing in some of the coolest guns in the world from a diverse group of the coolest shooting companies on the planet. I am not going to spoil any of the surprises but the name of theme seemed to be short rifles at this show so lets hop into the best of range day.

BDU Briefing: https://vsomedia.org/bdu/

    • Uploaded: 11/26/2019