November 2019 Q&A - Part 2 of 2



Jeremy R What is your AR maintenance regimen? You talk both about never cleaning/oiling your rifles while stating how a well maintained AR runs very well for a long time.

grant M Repeat question: would you be interested in mud testing a Galil Ace, since it's essentially a sealed AK?

Keith D Do you have a good source for parts for French military rifles, specifically rear sight leafs for a MAS-36?

Heal Team Six Would you briefly entertain and scrutinize the idea of an "empty magazine" bolt lock mechanism that locks forward instead of backward, with one round still in the chamber, automatically activating your safety until a new magazine is inserted, allowing for one "emergency round" to be discharged by manually disengaging the safety during a combat reload, in addition to no longer needing to utilize any sort of bolt release or charging handle during extended use? Useful? Niche? Crazy? Stupid?

Austin T Repeat question: If you lived in a country/state with an arbitrary magazine capacity restriction, at what Number of rounds (15 rds, 10 rds, 5 rds, etc) would you rather just go with a 308/full power rifle instead of a 5.56/intermediate power cartridge? (For your general purpose / only rifle)

Molly Have you tried mating the BRN-180 to the CAV-15 lower from your WWSD rifle yet? If so how has that worked-out?

Jay W Ian: Could you describe in detail the process you went through to find and reactivate your DEWAT Chauchat? Where is a good place to find DEWAT guns to purchase?

Matthew J 32 ACP - what is it good for, aside from being the caliber that all the interesting European pocket pistols of the 20th century were designed around?

Jeff K Repeat: if we are Americans wanting to go to Finnish brutality can you guys help with gear?

eRahja Karl do you like french firearms? You have said that famas is good bullup how about other french weapons?

LoadSabot 2nd time asking. Karl I notice you use ALG triggers in pretty much all your AKs. Have you had any excessive wear or damage caused by ALG triggers or trouble installing them, if so how do you mitigate this?

Anthony H We often see the SVD compared to 'Sniper Rifles' but what about comparing it to Battle Rifles? Would you consider testing an SVD variant using iron sights against something like a FAL, G3 or AR-10 in a variety of drills?

Zayernot Asked this last time and I am still curious : Have you ever considered testing volley fire; even if it is totally useless in combat I would be really curious to know whether a dozen men with WW1 rifles could actually hit anything at over 1000 yards or if the wind and other factors would mean the dispersion is too large to hit a platoon sized area?

Michael O How do you feel about sporterized Enfields (or other mil-surps)? Do you have the urge to "save" them by restoration to original or they are simply cheap tools to you?

Chance H Repeat ask. Thoughts on big bore AR cartridges? 450, 458, 50 etc.

Matthew H Have you ever considered selectively franchising the ‘Brutality’ matches beyond Desert and Finnish Brutality to expand it geographically and giving us more Kasarda drill punishment throughout the year?

Erick S Given some of the issues with open emitter red dot sights like the Holosun 510c in adverse conditions are there advantages over enclosed tube designs like the Aimpoints?

Charles E Scotch or bourbon?

Addendum: Karl rants about Mezcal

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    • Uploaded: 11/20/2019