Ambush - You WILL Shoot Your Friends



You Will Shoot Your Friends

After operating and witnessing over five dozen highly controlled citizen gun owner combat missions, I can absolutely guarantee you that—if the boogaloo hits and you’re protecting your family, neighborhood and friends—you WILL shoot your friends and family. You won’t mean to shoot them. It’ll wreck you, I’m sure. But you will shoot them. You will shoot your wife. You’ll shoot your kids. You’ll shoot your best friend. You’ll shoot your Grandpappy.

Citizen gun owners can’t help it: we shoot our friendlies and we do it about HALF the time we get into a gunfight with friendlies nearby.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such crappy news, but results don’t lie, and this is something we best start thinking about if we believe there is ANY chance of gunfight that crosses the civilian world.

(True Story below)

The forest erupted in gunfire and I smashed my balls into the cold, wet dirt, scanning upstream for movement while still trying to watch uphill for a counter-ambush.


    • Uploaded: 11/06/2019