RM1 Raid Challenge – Gamer vs Operators



Who do you think won these close-to-real gunfights?

Tim, his squad and Sage came face-to-face three times during three missions in the ReadyMan RM1 tactical training event using the IR Tactical Combat laser rifles (like MILES, but with shock belts).

The squad of citizen shooters meticulously approached each target, setting proper ORPs (Objective Rally Points) conducting thorough recon and closing with extraordinary professionalism. They were definitely squared away.

While the squad overran every target and killed every member of the OpFor team on each mission, they also sustained an average of SEVEN casualties (out of ten squad members) on each assault. (Casualties = wounded or KIA. The IR tactical system can be set to mark “wounded” team when shot in an extremity.)

How in the HELL did a nineteen-year-old gamer destroy ten trained men? The answer casts a withering light on GUN RANGE FIREARMS TRAINING when employed in an actual gunfight.

In a nutshell, flat range firearms training falls grossly short of what is required to reliably win against a young man with even a small amount of REACT AND MANEUVER experience—and physical fitness.

    • Uploaded: 10/12/2019