A Day in the Life of a VSO Intern (Epic Patreon Day)



First ever Patreon day where one of our own goes through a day in the life of an intern lifestyle to the VSO gun channel, everything to day in the life of a content creator, to repairing gear, to destructive testing video. We envited more to take part in this epic patreon reward, but no one was paying attention, I guess Matt gets the best subscriber award. I think this speaks to the patron decline in the platform; why is patreon failing? well they bought into their own brand of patreon censorship. this was not intended to be a patreon vs subscribestar video, but it went there.

Tacpack info: If you sign up using code "VSO" You get an extra bag of goodies. If you still want in on September's box sign up by 10/1. FYI, to be completely transparent I get a kickback of $5 per subscription.

    • Uploaded: 10/02/2019