Lies, More Lies, and Those Who Don't Care



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No matter where you are listening for information about "Assault Weapons" (which aren't even real) or The AR-15, (because it's all over the news again these days), the chances are pretty high that you are being lied to. It is only a regular self loading rifle, just like the rest of them, based on the same design that dates back to the 1800s. Through a massive propaganda campaign, honest, unsuspecting people have been convinced that it is an uncontrollable, fully automatic, machine gun, that is entirely unregulated and sold under the table, nationwide.

They claim it is "Super Powerful" and compare it to pistol cartridges as their "proof", yet it is a centerfire rifle round, and when compared to almost every other centerfire rifle round, its performance is tiny in comparison.

We can no longer let these stupid remarks remain unchallenged and we MUST educate every person who will listen to the truth. The lies have been spread so far and wide, that even people who believe they are pro-gun are buying into the bull-crap and are being used against us.

    • Uploaded: 09/26/2019