Family Shoot at the New Range



Just become a member at Camrose Sport Shooting Assoc. and was out for the day enjoy both the weather, Family and the range - We had out 3 Revolvers, 11 Pistols and 1 Machine pistol (SA). Started off with the M84 in 32ACP Keeping with the Yugo theme - a 1964 M57 and a 1946 Russian TT33 with Yugo acceptance. Followed that up with WW2 British Service revolvers in 38S&W (Webley Mk4 and Enfield No2) getting back into the modern world were the Walther p99 and ppg and the Girsan R9 Not seen in the video but shot was the Canik SFx, Girsan MC28, FN GP35, CZ75 SA, CZ75 DA/SA, And finally the Norinco P762, all in all a lot of brass was chucked. And a guest who's first experience with firearms was today and when he goes home (Japan) his chances of ever shooting again is slim

    • Uploaded: 09/08/2019