August 2019 Q&A - Finland Edition w/Jari Laine (CEO of Varusteleka) Part 1 of 2



Chadi Hi Karl, love the content! As a non-finnish speaking resident, I'd like to know how open the Finnish shooting community is to foreigners :)

Hunter N It’s 1989 and the Cold War has gone hot. In a balanced environment (some forested areas, some open fields) would a US infantry platoon or Russian infantry platoon come out on top? Assume they have the standard equipment of the day, M16, Ak-74, M240, PKM, M249, and the RPK. No exterior vehicle support considered. Does the equipment or the doctrine make the difference?

Tim K Does the winter war have as much meme status in Finland as it does elsewhere in the world or is it treated much more seriously there?

PHILLIP DOUBLE U What do you off of work that you find mentally stimulating yet enjoyable? Reading, puzzles, etc....

Gary Y What is your favorite piece of kit? One from Varu, and one non varu.

Oliver N Karl - have you tried the mdr with the suppressor handguard?

Bjorn B Trying to find anything Norwegian related surplus items is next to impossible (unlike Sweden or Denmark) - why? Did Norway just destroy their old equipment or did it just never hit the surplus market?

John G Hi guys! Jari, what item have you guys sold at Varusteleka that you found the most interesting?

DandyEcho What kinds of flora and fauna do you guys encounter where you live, and do they ever cause you problems?

Thomas P What is the public perception of Larry Thorne (Lauri Törni)?

Heath L Karl - Is there a website or other central location that can help me find matches in my area, or is the best course to just call all the ranges within driving distance?

Anthony H Finnish gun laws, what are the laws in Finland regarding things like Barrel Length on Rifles and does Finland recognize any international Firearms Licenses (non EU Firearms Licenses).

Robert T Other than putting rounds down range, what are some effective training methods to progress the necessary skills for a 2gacm/Brutality environment, specifically, but also shooting sports as a whole? For the Finns, does your military training enhance or benefit these skill sets and do your training methods differ from what you see in shooting sports in America?

Eric L You’ve addressed climate/geography’s effects on military equipment; how would Finland change their weapons/equipment if they were in a protracted conflict in a desert or jungle?

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    • Uploaded: 08/26/2019