Master series Mega2 rifle rest from Ransom rest international.



Using the master series Mega2 rifle rest from Ransom rest International, for the first time. After testing out two different rifles, and four different types of ammunition, the test results, well, sucked. While in the vertical, we had about 1"moa. In the horizontal we had 3"moa. The test all had the same results. After ruling out the rifles due to inspections of the crown and rifling and finding no damage. Besides, how do you get the same errors with two rifles. Next, we ruled out ammunition being the problem. Four different loads, from three different manufactures, in two different weights.

Not many other options to look at. No human contact with the rifle at the time of firing, all done remotely. So I contacted Ransom rest International. Low and behold, the owner, Michael called me. We talked for a while, he said, yep, there's a learning curve to work out some of the nuances of the machine. First he pointed out the bench is a bit wobbly. But that's going to effect the machines ability to return to zero each time. What we finally figured out is the side clamps which hold the rifle in place were not tight enough. This allowed the rifle to move a little bit before the bullet left the barrel causing small variations in the hit point.

Both the rifle, a Springfield armory M1A and the ammunition used during this test are of the highest quality, this test was a failure on our part, not the weapon or ammunition. This video should be used as an example of what not to do. Tighten all your clamps on your Ransom rest. If your test isn't producing the results you expect, check all ratchets, locks, and pads to ensure they are all tight.

Scope used in the test is an ATN HD 4K, it provides video of the target while shooting.

    • Uploaded: 07/09/2019