FLUX Defense Brace In Detail



Merely seeing the FLUX Defense Brace is not adequate to help you understand what a great product it is. You must experience it to fully "get it." As a long time PDW operator I have a unique ability to see the value in something like the FLUX Brace. My first run in with Glock based PDW's was the KPOS G1, then the RONI, then the Fab Defense Glock Stock with forward grip, then back around to the KPOS G2, then the Micro RONI, then back around to the Glock Stock and forward grip set up - and that is where I stopped. Why? Because it allowed me to keep the RMR on the slide and in proper alignment with the barrel. Having run thousands of rounds through Glock adapters taught me that they lacked in accuracy. ALL PDW adapters force you to put the Glock into the adapter. The adapter then accepts the mounted optic. The inherent slop that exists between the Glock and adapter creates a constant fluctuation of the point of aim and point of impact. No matter how hard you try you can never get a truly pinpoint zero that harnesses the true ability of the weapon to deliver shots where you're looking. The FLUX allows your optic equipped pistol to still operate as a handgun but by the press of a lever it transforms into a PDW. In very short period of time you will find yourself using the FLUX in a reactive manner. That is to say that you will look at where you want a shot to go and a bullet will go there. This is not hyperbole, the FLUX allows you to shoot in a reactive manner that is very similar to the way that Delta operators are trained to shoot. Instead of aiming you are looking, identifying, shooting, and following through. Except that you are able to do this within just a few minutes of using the FLUX. With it being so compact there is no reason to not have it on you, or at least with you, at all times. The FLUX delivers the goods and does it without causing legal issues that arise with crossing state lines with an NFA weapon. The FLUX allows you to harness the combative prowess of a PDW without the hassles of it being an SBR. That is huge! Typically when you add something of this nature to your Glock you end up transforming it into an SBR. The FLUX, in conjunction with your Glock, will exceed your expectations. Like I said, you have to shoot this set up to fully appreciate it.

To purchase a brace go to Fluxdefense.com

The targets I'm using are from Challenge Targets. They are the Stake Target - Human Silhouette - Handgun Rated: https://www.challengetargets.com/product/GS-RM-80039-H.html

I'm shooting a Glock 34 with an RMR06.

    • Uploaded: 05/19/2019