Train Smart: Protect Your Eyes



Get into shooting steel and you'll quickly see a need for shooting glasses that wrap around the sides of your face. Even though the bullet dumps almost all of its energy on the steel plate it still has just enough zip left in it to pepper the air with hundreds of small particles per round. These particles can get into your eyes and scratch your cornea quite badly. The solution is to wear proper eye protection. The easy solution of course is to just wear something like ski goggles but then again those would standout like a sore thumb if you were to try to wear them in your day-to-day life. And that really is the key here, You want to wear shooting glasses that can pass for sunglasses so that you are living in what you're training in, and training in what you're living in. Consider that in a real fight bullets are going to be skipping off of multiple surfaces, far more surfaces than would normally be found on the range. So the idea of integrating shooting glasses into your daily life is a level headed choice. Hiding in plain sight is easy if you plan ahead.

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I use targets from Challenge Targets. Their targets are laser cut and are very precisely made. Because they are not welded it allows you to flip them to extend their lifespan.

Train with Tier 1 Citizen:

    • Uploaded: 04/13/2019