Train Smart: Protect Your Ears



This is a somewhat revisited subject matter. Anyone who's ever trained with me knows that the digital hearing protection that I have are old school MSA Supreme Pro X. The ones I have are from circa 2009-2010 and are of excellent quality. The ones made today are tantamount to high-priced junk. I have no problem boldly making the statement because I know that I'm holding the proof in my hands. However, you'll notice that I seldom wear these if I can avoid it. I find that legacy shooting muffs tend to insulate my head which is not such a bad thing during the winter time but in summer months it is highly uncomfortable. I've repeatedly said before that if I had it all to do again I would just stick with .25 cent foam plugs and call it a day. I'm hoping that this video finds you in time and saves you a ton of money. Take it from someone who has the good stuff. Even the good stuff is not worth the dollars.

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I use targets from Challenge Targets. Their targets are laser cut and are very precisely made. Because they are not welded it allows you to flip them to extend their lifespan.

Train with Tier 1 Citizen:

    • Uploaded: 04/13/2019