Ruger® Custom Shop® SR1911® 9mm Competition Pistol



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Boge Quinn ( tests the Ruger® Custom Shop® SR1911® 9mm Competition Pistol, designed in cooperation with world-class competition shooter Doug Koenig.

The Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition Pistol is match-ready right out of the box. I am no hot-shot competition shooter by any stretch of the imagination, but I found the pistol extremely easy to shoot with accuracy and speed. Ruger offers similar versions of their Competition Pistol in either 9mm Luger or 45 ACP, so a variant of this excellent pistol is available for a wide range of competition disciplines. As superbly as the SR1911 Competition Pistol is designed for competitive shooting, it remains also a very good fit for defensive shooting. For Social Work, with proper loads one could scarcely go wrong with either the 9mm or 45, and the Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition Pistol would be a great choice for either competitive or defensive shooting.

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