UPDATE! Ruger Single-Six RSSE 1 of 100 Engraved 22 Sixgun by Tyler Gun Works



03/09/20 UPDATE: although the engraved Tyler Gun Works RSSE 22 Sixguns sold out very quickly, there are still a

couple left due to the folks who ordered them not being able to pick them up. Act now!

For More Info: https://gunblast.com/BOGE-TylerRSSE.htm

Boge Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) reviews a Ruger Single-Six RSSE 1 of 100 Limited Engraved 22 Sixgun by Tyler

Gun Works of Friona, TX.

Order direct from Tyler Gun Works: https://www.tylergunworks.com/

Non-engraved limited-edition RSSE available EXCLUSIVELY from Lipsey's: https://www.lipseys.com/

Ruger: https://ruger.com/

Order ammo online at Lucky Gunner: https://www.luckygunner.com/rimfire/22-lr-ammo

Remington ammo: https://www.remington.com/

SK Custom Grips by Scott Kolar: https://www.skgrips.com/

Barranti Leather by Mike "Doc" Barranti: https://barrantileather.com/

Simply Rugged Holsters by Rob Leahy: https://www.simplyrugged.com/

    • Uploaded: 03/09/2020