Tourniquet Placement with a Navy SEAL Combat Medic



Shawn Ryan and Former Navy SEAL and Combat Medic, David Rutherford talk about how to stop bleading with tourniquets, what types of reputable tourniquets are out there, and where to place them on yourself or someone else when you need to stop the bleed.

Tourniquets are a life saver! If there was only one piece of medical equipment I could choose, it would be a tourniquet. You never know when it could come in handy. When it comes to medical, knowlege is priceless. These are just for those in combat, think about car accidents, work accidents, etc...

David Rutherford is a former Navy SEAL 18 Delta Combat Medic, former CIA Contractor, and Currently Motivational Speaker, life coach and owner of Team Froglogic, and cohost of the Team Neverquit Podcast. Check his links out below.

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    • Uploaded: 05/18/2018