April 2018 Q&A



Dale S Do you still have plans to check out the Desert Tech MDR?

01:50 John W Beretta 92 Roland Special?

03:46 Desi O Do you like Glocks now?

04:47 Benjamin R Why did 7.62x25 become obsolete?

05:53 Mitchell C How did average people in the old west carry their rifle ammunition?s.

07:20 David P Are you going to do an 80% build?

07:56 John G What firearms handling drills can you recommend for someone to do at home, if they have limited access to range time?

08:53 London J What are the best and worst pieces of firearm advice you've heard?

10:22 Alex L WWSD and suppressors?

10:46 Christopher Would you rather have a pistol or more ammo for your rifle, for general combat use?

11:16 Jonathan J What gun-nerdy books on modern carbine usage, history, mechanics, etc do you recommend?

11:40 Spanky's Basement Do you think an Echo trigger in Ian's rifle would help him spin the spinner?

12:40 Dustin F Have you ever been DQ’d from a match? If so, why and lessons learned?

14:30 Will R What were your original goals with IRTV and how have they evolved since the start?

15:40 Jonathan B In your experience, what is the general stance of people going just to observe a match? Are spectators discouraged or looked down upon?

16:55 Casey Do you allow AR pistols and what the ATF defines as a "firearm" in your matches?

17:15 BrandoSpoke Where did you guys come up with the name “InRange”? Your channel is not relatively new so I’m kind of puzzled why it has not been asked before.

17:50 Matthew J Are most engineers into guns and tech and photography?

19:02 Steve B Could you reflect on going from "internet famous" to being a spokesperson for second amendment rights?

20:38 Adam G. What other gun channels to you personally watch? Any that you’d recommend avoiding?

21:33 Leslie W Given the advance of technology, would you say that the under $500.00 Deer Season special rifle/scope combination in some version of .30 caliber from a big box store is equal to or greater than the equipment that Vasily Zaitzev and Carlos Hathcock had during WW2 and Vietnam when they made their exploits?

22:28 Brian I What was your favorite part of the wwsd project?

23:17 C.j. S What ever came of the M27 & SCAR projects?

23:50 Markus K Is the sound of guns important to gun guys, like car sound to petrolheads?

24:31 Justin C What is your gut feeling on the intention of YouTube's new gun polices.

26:26 George B If you could be gifted any firearm, regardless of price and for personal enjoyment not for resale, what would you select?

26:57 Max S What is your do-it-wll round in 5.56?

28:16 Adam M Do you guys think that the adopt 308 post ww2 stifled development of intermediate cartridges?

29:14 Leonard S Ballistol?

30:25 Scott W I would like to see InRangeTV get together with other YouTube gun channels, including TheGreatWar, and test the effectiveness of long range rifle volley fire.

31:19 Jake K Could you talk about marksmanship standards and how they correspond to what shooters new to a match could expect?

33:09 Brandon T Consolidation of all gun channels to one network?

35:35 Eamon B What are your thought on mag couplers?

36:25 Sean R Karl, with all the time and effort you put into this project as well as many other projects I'm sure you're spinning, do you do anything just for yourself or what media/games/books do you consume just for you?

37:23 Bourbon What are the reasons to choose a Glock 17 over 19, and vice versa?

37:58 Paul R Do you guys ever get bored with a project or find it difficult to continue making efforts towards a certain goal?

38:42 Justin Asked this before, but if you were able to tour any Oceania battlefield in the Pacific where would you go?

39:13 Ethan S Did you ever consider doing a side charging handle for the WWSD project?

39:48 Dave A Before the advent of the Modern Chronograph, the Ballistic Pendulum was used to measure a bullets velocity. Exactly, how accurate there these?

41:11 Nathan S If the NFA did not exist, do you think that there would be more development in practical machine pistols?

41:40 Brian R Do you prefer the simplicity of the traditional AR DI system, or the newer piston systems?

43:11 Andreas N What is the safest crypto currency?

44:20 Anthony L What would be your #1 old West site to stop at, on a road trip of the Southwest US?

45:19 Ethan S WWSD: Did you consider a foregrip/bipod combination?

45:57 Eric C What advice would you give to someone about to shoot in Trooper for the first time?

Kyler Hebert Caseless ammunition, is there any future?

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    • Uploaded: 04/28/2018