Mail Call Mondays Season 7 #17



Mail Call Mondays Season 7 #17 - Cleaning Gear, Choosing Bullets, Leveling, Lapua Brass and BipodEXT

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Index: Cleaning gear after a muddy match 00:37 Choosing the best bullet 03:09 Leveling your scope and chassis 06:08 Switching to Lapua for 6.5 Creedmoor 09:24 Accuracy Solutions BipodEXT 16:50

Links: JBM Ballistics - http://www.jbmballistics.com Lee Precision FAQ - http://leeprecision.net/support/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/734/0/lapua-brass-undersized-flash-hole--decapper-pin-does-not-fit Accuracy Solutions BipodExt - https://accuracysolutions.com

Intro by: Jesse Mattson

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Host: John McQuay Edited and Produced by: John McQuay

    • Uploaded: 04/25/2018