ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger ACT Install



ALGDefense.com had a sale going during Labor Day weekend and I had to jump on it. This trigger is going in another 300blk build I am working on.

I have been wanting try one of these triggers for a while. MilSpec with a few extras done to make it perform better, but at an affordable price. Nickel Boran & Nickel Teflon coatings add a level of protection that should lead to years and years of use.

The trigger feels great. I am throwing the lower together so I can test it with a few uppers that are already complete. But the break is nice and crisp, and there is no gritty feel to the pull at all.. I can do the polish jobs myself, but the coatings add that extra touch that make them well worth the money spent.

    • Uploaded: 04/18/2018