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Precision Rifle Spinner by Shoot Steel

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This target was designed with the precision rifle shooter in mind, but also with portability and fun factor weighing heavily on the list of features. This 3/8” AR500 target has a 6” or an 8" strike face, a perfect size for anything out to 600 yards and even beyond.

The stand consists of a 24” rigid cross member, along with 24” legs to keep the entire system as portable and compact as possible without losing any function in the process. Two spacers are also included to keep the target centered, but still allow it to spin freely.

Rated up to .308 Win at 100 yards, this target will really spin! Not only will it test your shot placement, but your shot timing as well. All of this combined makes this an extremely fun way to test your skills with a rifle.

Target ships unpainted, everything needed for complete assembly is included as well as detailed instructions.

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    • Uploaded: 04/17/2018