Silencer Cleaning (First Time): Lyman TurboSonic 6000



This is the first time I have cleaned my Griffin Optimus Silencer after years of use. Today we are going to be testing the performance of an ultrasonic cleaner, the TurboSonic 6000 from Lyman products. To note, this is an all stainless steel sound suppressor, however We will also be cleaning the Rugged Obsidian, to show how to clean a partially aluminum can.

While this is an instructional video for silencers- this sonicator isn't just good for gun parts as it has several secondary functions (like a heater) that make it great for cleaning small car (automotive engine) parts like carburetors, Jewelry, and electronics. This device would be right at home in a laboratory as a piece of scientific lab equipment.

More info: https://www.lymanproducts.com/brands/lyman/turbo-sonic/turbo-sonic-6000-case-cleaner.html

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    • Uploaded: 04/16/2018