SHOT Show 2018: Z0re Gun Lock




Karl received what he would refer to as a SPAM mail from Z0re before the SHOT show, along with a link to a video demonstrating their product. He clicked the video link expecting to find something to ridicule but was surprised by what they've actually come up with.

We scheduled some time to ensure we could get a demo from Z0re at SHOT Show and we're still intrigued - this appears to be a design that is quick to access but well thought out, specially around potentially stressful situations.

We plan to eventually acquire some units and put them through their paces.

Deviant Ollam was helping me with some of the work at this SHOT Show and, being literally a physical security expert, seemed like the right host to have in this video. Thank you, Deviant, for being part of InRangeTV's Shot Show 2018!

You can find Deviant here: @deviantollam on Twitter Deviating.net

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    • Uploaded: 03/22/2018