Hunting The Yucatan's Ocellated Turkey [THE HUNGER]



"The earth is still cold, tired and weary from the woes of a long winter. But I am restless, and desperate to usher in the warmth of spring. So I paint a pattern with my shotgun and prepare for a long trip that will kick off yet another turkey season. Except this one is very special. For almost 2 decades I’ve chased the goal of completing a World Slam, and now I’ve closed in on the final prize just north of the equator. I’m here. I’m ready. And I’m hungry."

Hunting the Ocellated wild turkey on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is quite a trip. This new film paints a colorful picture of the Yucatan, its people and its peculiar jungle turkeys. #theHUNGER

    • Uploaded: 02/27/2018