Hunting in a Blizzard | Nebraska Public Land Goose Hunting 2018



With Nebraska getting set to be hit by a huge snowstorm, what's better to do than to hit the road and go goose hunting? Matt and Devin are back out in the harsh winter elements, taking Devin's buddy, Nate, out on his first goose hunt ever. The birds that were flying worked great, and the guys ended five short of a goose limit. Follow along as they watch a blizzard roll in from the goose pit.

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Cameras: GoPro Hero 3 Plus
GoPro Hero 5 Black

Editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Matt's Hunting Gear: Shotgun: Remington Versa Max 12 gauge Choke tubes: Carlson's Mid Range Waders: Cabelas Hearing Protection: Walker's Game Ears Decoys: Bigfoot Sleeper Shells, Higdon Shells, GHG Full Bodies, GHG Canada Goose Floaters Shells: 3 1/2" BB

Devin's Hunting Gear: Shotgun: Winchester SX4 12 ga Choke Tube: PatternMaster Duck Decoys: Higdon Shells, Higdon Full Bodies, Hardcore Full Bodies

    • Uploaded: 02/03/2018