Making Your Own Cast Bullet Lube



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In this video Eric goes over the simple process of making your own lubricant for use with cast bullets. Bullet lubricant can be purchased "ready to use" however can be somewhat spendy. This video will show you how to combine commonly available materials into different types of lubricants suiting a variety of different uses ranging from black powder projectiles to full power rifle projectiles. Stay tuned, much more reloading and other content on the way.

Here's the exact lube I made in the video:

Bees Knees (black powder cartridge and low velocity hand guns)

1 pound of paraffin 1 pound of beeswax 5 tablespoons of Liquid Alox 5 tablespoons of TC Bore Butter Half a jar of Vaseline

Add paraffin to make harder, or reduce paraffin to make softer. Flashes at 240 or so degrees.

Fast rifle lube:

1 pound of carnauba wax 1 pound of paraffin wax 1/2 pound of Bees wax 3 table spoons of STP oil treatment Food coloring if you want Add more beeswax if it's too hard for your application.

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    • Uploaded: 02/06/2017