Sharps 25-45 AR-15 Range Test



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In this video we take the rifle that Ray built out for initial testing. If you haven't seen the AR-15 build videos you may want to go back and check them out, links are at the end of this video.

This particular rifle is in 25-45 Sharps caliber, not your standard .223/ 5.56mm. The round utilizes the same bolt carrier assembly and magazine as .223/ 5.56mm, only a barrel change is needed. This caliber was developed to allow hunters in areas where .25 caliber is the minimum allowable for medium/ large game hunting to utilize an AR-15 rilfe without stepping up to a caliber that requires many changes to the rifle. We may take this rilfe back out for more testing with handloads in the future to really see what the accuracy potential is. Stay tuned for more.

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    • Uploaded: 12/23/2014