Gun Gripes Episode 68: California Gun Laws



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I had to use the older camera for a few videos, so sorry for the set back in quality. This is probably the most important gun gripe we have ever talked about. Share it with all your friends, anti gun or not. California is the crown jewel of the anti gunner's arena. It is how all the anti gun politicians want the whole country to look like in terms of our our 2nd amendment rights (or lack of if you live in California).

Make no mistake that the elite and super rich and powerful in this country do not have it out for your best interests. The current administration we have in my opinion wants an elite upper class and a poor and dependent lower class. The middle class (People that work hard for an honest living and are relatively independent of government aid) is in danger of being completely taken down by our system.

What does this have to do with gun rights? It has everything to do with your gun rights. Only we the people can bark up every tree, send every emails, and ring every phone off the hook. We have to guard the rights of future generations. We have to keep a close watch of the people that would take our rights away. The average American wants to protect himself and own firearms. My humble viewers, California is the example of what we do not want for our Republic, and we have to fight the socialist and draconian attitude at every step. Thanks for watching.

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    • Uploaded: 05/19/2013