Gun Gripes 74: HR 2910 Gun Violence Reduction Act of 2013



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People this is a really bogus piece of legislation. They are basically wanting to tell you how to raise your kids, ban 95 percent of all guns, and effectively cripple the gun industry with the single stroke of a pen. We cannot let this kind of stuff fly, we have to remain vigilant, and always question the powers that be. It continues to confound me how a person on a mission with some paper and a pen can determine the freedom and future of millions of people. In this modern society, I think it's safe to say that people aren't dumb enough to go along with this kind of stuff. The funny thing, is even if it did pass (which it has a snow balls chance in hell of doing so, but still) I personally do not know any LEOs that will even enforce it. I know a LOT of cops. We need less government, less government influence in our daily lives, and we need to encourage people getting off government assistance. Only when we can eliminate this system will we truly be free of these constant grabs for our guns. Thank you for watching. I know this video was long, but maybe some solid points are made.

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    • Uploaded: 08/09/2013