British Ration Week Episode 2: Food for the Week



What does a week's worth of food for two people in World War Two London look like? We bought the whole week's groceries and we will explain what the rations entailed and what we have to work with (this episode was actually filmed the day before the experiment began).

Of course, the typical British family during the war did not have a refrigerator, and the wife would have been shopping for groceries on a daily basis.

Day 2 Menu:

Breakfast: Whole Grain Pancakes, tea Lunch: Split Pea Soup, bread Tea: Pumpkin Spice Cookies, tea Dinner: Spam, Vegetable Mash, ale

For the recipes for today's dishes - and lots of other details about the experiment - please see our data page at InRange.tv: http://www.inrange.tv/british-rationing-recipes/

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    • Uploaded: 01/21/2018