British Ration Week Episode 4: The National Loaf



dOne of the major initiatives of the Ministry of Food was ensuring the availability of bread and the supply of wheat to the British Isles. To help stretch the use of wheat, a national bread recipe was instituted, using minimally processed brown flour. This was not a particularly appealing item to most of the British populace, used to highly refined fluffy white bread - but they accepted it as a necessity of war. Interestingly, the National Loaf was not that unlike today's whole wheat breads which are so popular for their better nutritional value than WonderBread.

Day 4 Menu:

Breakfast: Cheese toast, tea Lunch: Cheese and Tomato Sandwich, pickle, leftover split pea soup Tea: Beetroot pudding, tea Dinner: Leek and Hamburger Gravy over toast

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    • Uploaded: 01/23/2018