Top 5 Things You Need In Your Car



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You can change this list around as you see fit, but a lot of you have been asking me for a video like this, so here it is. Modern cars offer a great deal of convenience and comfort, but don't be fooled...When you are 350 miles from home and you break down or get stranded, all you are going to have is whatever you brought with you. There have been instances where people have survived with what they had in their vehicle. I didn't mention it in the video itself, but the components of the car can be used in extreme circumstances. I'm sure most of you can use your imaginations on that one. Don't get caught with your pants down in an emergency. Many of us do not want to imagine an instance where we will be helpless or in trouble, but the bottom line is that prudent planning and training is the only way to insure you are covered for every occasion. It's the basics that can make or break your trip, and every outing should have the worst common denominator in mind...

Thanks for watching. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. We will do more videos like this if you want to see more. I have a ton of ideas along these lines.

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    • Uploaded: 07/26/2013