NFA Review EXPO - Here's what you missed!



On December 2nd and 3rd I organized and hosted the largest public shooting event the Tampa Bay Area has ever seen. The amount of help I received from the staff at Reload Gun Range was priceless. Everyone there was on the same page and worked with me behind the scenes for the 5 months we spent planning this event. That beautiful facility deserves all the success they get!

I usually host my events at the Ares Firearm Training venue up in Leesburg FL but I wanted to try a new approach and bring a Pre-SHOT Show feel to the Tampa Bay shooters. We ended up having shooters drive and fly in from all over the world to demo all the awesome products from all the exhibitors.

The exhibitors worked tirelessly around the clock explaining their product line over and over again as the masses joined in. And lets not forget their other employees out on the firing line loading mag after mag of ammo for the public to try!

It was a busy two days and over 70 prizes were given away to some very lucky winners! Over all I saw a ton of smiles and heard from tons of people who shot their first machine gun and/or silencer at this event. How cool is that?

If you came and enjoyed the event I would love to hear from you below. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. I started planning this event on June 9th 2017 and tried to think of every possible outcome and every possible issue to make everyone's experience a great time. I know we had a couple complainers that didn't understand the value of attending something like this all day, ammo included for $40, but hey, you can't please everyone!

The next NFA Review Shoot will be sometime in April 2018. I'm about to start planning it. So stay tuned to my Facebook page and keep and eye out for the event post!

Also if you want a patch or T-shirt make sure to check my Facebook page for ordering info. I have the post pinned to the wall. I still have about 200 shirts left!

Thanks for watching, subscribing and enjoying my events. Until next time!

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    • Uploaded: 12/30/2017