Gun Gripes 96: "Open Carry...Texas Version"



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Our previous gun gripes episode was filmed about 3 weeks ago, and when it went live yesterday many of you voiced your opinions and enlightened us to some of the issues going in other States related to open carry. I was shocked to find out that Texas has some of the most asinine laws related to open carry (and concealed carry) of almost any State. There's a group in Texas called "Open Carry Texas" that is pushing for getting Constitutional Carry signed into law in Texas. Currently, it is only legal to carry a long gun openly in Texas or an antique cap and ball revolver (a black powder gun is not considered a firearm). At the present time, there are several Senate and House measures being proposed that are pro gun bills. One of them is HB195 which will, if passed, make Constitutional Carry the law of the land in Texas. I strongly recommend checking their group out and flooding Texas Represenatives with plenty of correspondence. These measures will likely be voted on in the next 2 weeks. First stop Texas...the next stop will be a State near you!

If there's ever anything like this in the wood work, let us know and we will promote it and get people involved.



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    • Uploaded: 12/30/2014