Classic Firearms Finnish M39 Tour



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Last week we took a road trip up to Classic Firearms in Monroe, NC to film the last shipment of Finnish M39 rifles that will soon be available for sale. Classic purchased a large private collection of nearly 14,000 rifles last year which represents likely the last remaining M39s on the market. After this last batch is sold, the only place to procure these fine firearms will be the open market at local gun shops, gun shows and through outlets like Gun Broker and the like. These rifles are highly underrated and rival the K31 in the accuracy department and are much more rare. Only around 102,000 of these rifles were ever produced, that's a ratio of 1:362 compared to the production of Russian M91/30s and 1:5 compared to the production of Swiss K31s.

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    • Uploaded: 04/25/2016