Wold War Two Real-Time Documentary Mega-Collaboration




If you have been watching The Great War with Indy Neidell, you have been seeing the power of YouTube style media to create amazing educational and entertaining history - a real-time documentary of World War One week by week, in a way that television could never do. Well, as Armistice Day approaches, it's time to look to the future.

Indy's whole fan base, basically, has been clamoring for a followup project to document World War Two in the same way - but that war is even larger than the Great War, and needs to be done a bit differently. To do justice to the project and to make a truly groundbreaking project, the World War Two continuation is going to be a collaboration of 6-10 different channels, each contributing content on different special areas of the war. Indy will do the regular war updates, and other channels like Real Engineering, Lindybeige, and Karl and I here at InRangeTV will be covering things like aircraft, technology, biographies, the Home Front, and - of course - guns!

Head over to the Kickstarter page to see lots more details, and to help get this tremendous project off the ground. War will be declared in September 2018, and we hope to have you with us when it does!

    • Uploaded: 12/17/2017