AK63DS Hungarian Underfolder AK



The AK63DS is a semi-automatic varient of the hungarian spin on the venerable AK-47. Remeber that there was no standard spec when these weapons went into production in the eastern block countries. Meaning that every sub-nation had its own little bit of autonomy in design.Hungarian surplus parts are actually my second favorite pattern, second only to the polish guns. The rifle is chambered in 7.62X39mm and uses a 16.5" 4140 Steel barrel at 1:10 twist. The muzzle is threaded in the ubiquitous 14/1 Left hand thread pattern and is topped with a slant break for authenticity. The AK63DS is very similar to the AK63D with the exception that the DS model is a stamped varient whereas the D model is a milled gun.This bring the rifle in at a considerably lower weight than its milled counterpart at a shade under 7.5 lbs. This particular variant is the under-folder and as a result is not compatible with side optics rails but allows for compactness in storage at a folded overall length of 26". The only gripe I can spot on the gun is that it is a paperclip rifle- I would like to see century retrofit this with a retaining plate for extended abuse sessions. While we are on the topic of retrofits Century has included the upgraded RAK trigger eliminating the inadvertent hammer trip hazard prevelant on standard AK triggers. The rifle is finished in a uniform phosphate pattern and the wood on this sample gives it that "used by soviet peasant conscript look". Lets Pick up from the range.

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    • Uploaded: 12/18/2017